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We want to help you make your yard and garden beautiful, relaxing and healthy for both you and your family and the wildlife that depends on it.  Cultivated Gardens can make a thorough assessment of your property, what you have and how you can improve it.  Our one hour consultation includes:

  • a walk-around with an accredited organic land care professional that will cover lawn, garden, woods/untended areas

  • assessment of existing invasive and native plants

  • assessment of wildlife habitat areas (e.g. birds, beneficial insects)

  • discussion of lawn/garden care practices

  • soil testing of up to 3 areas (e.g. garden, lawn, foundation plantings)


If you’re interested in a specific area, we will come and assess what you currently have, and what your goals are.  After this initial assessment you can choose to move on to the design, installation and maintenance services we provide.

Or, for do-it-yourselfers, we can act as garden “coaches.”  In this capacity we'll offer targeted solutions for existing challenges, and work with you to devise a long-term strategy for the development and maintenance of your property.

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